sammaturity is dedicated to the continued development of a Software Asset Management professionals’ capabilities. We deliver on this mission by providing leading edge virtual training, self-assessment methodologies and certification programs for SAM leaders and practitioners. sammaturity’s educational curriculums, built upon unique operational frameworks and methodologies, empowers SAM professionals to advance their careers and continually achieve enhanced operational performance.  With successful completion of sammaturity’s virtual self-paced or scheduled courses, participants are recognized with certification and designation of the completed course.

Founded by experts in Software Asset Management operations, sammaturity’s curriculums are built upon extensive experience designing, building and leading Fortune 500 SAM operations. The programs are designed to enable SAM professionals to effectively manage both internal and external dynamics that uniquely impact SAM organizations execution. This real-world experience is captured in the SAM Leader 3 Part Operational Self-Assessment and Leader Certification program and the SAM Audit Readiness Training & Practitioner Certification program.

sammaturity’s fundamental premise is software asset management leaders and practitioners who invest in their skills and capabilities will effectively master operational demands challenging SAM operations today. sammaturity stands alone in delivering curriculums, training, methodologies, frameworks and certification programs to deliver the required professional development to enrich a SAM professionals career growth.

SAM Audit Readiness Training & Practitioner Certification

sammaturity has developed a detailed Audit Readiness curriculum for Software Asset Management leaders and practitioners that guides participants through the tactics and activities necessary to prepare the internal organization for effective audit response. Participants are led through a series of exercises combined with multiple downloadable templates designed for immediate use in their current SAM operation. The Audit Readiness curriculum has been developed with unique insight to the internal and external dynamics impacting SAM operations and provides focused guidance on managing executive expectations and communications to establish and maintain a unified SAM operation. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, participants are awarded the Certified SAM Practitioner designation.

SAM Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification

sammaturity had developed a unique, 3-part Software Asset Management Self-Assessment and Leader Certification program. The curriculum guides participants through a detailed analysis of SAM current state maturity, operational risk and complexity and detailed breakdown of SAM processes. The curriculum culminates with a certification test to validate the participants mastery of the curriculum content, earning the Certified SAM Leader designation.

As part of the Software Asset Management Self-Assessment and Leader Certification program, sammaturity creates a detailed ‘Technology SAM Blueprint’ for each completed participant containing a targeted series of recommendations to enhance SAM operations and establish the necessary internal environment to deliver tangible value.

SAM Blueprint Review

sammaturity offers focused 2-hour sessions to review the completed SAM Blueprint. The goal of these targeted sessions is to ensure clients realize maximum value for their 3-Part Self-Assessment.