What is SAM Blueprint ?

Over the past several weeks, TVMES has been asked multiple times what is a ‘SAM Blueprint’ and what benefit can I/we expect. We would like to take this opportunity to respond.

For those of you who would be discussing the SAM Blueprint with us, it means you have completed the Software Asset Management Leader 3 Part Self-Assessment. This detailed course guides you through 3 separate and distinct sessions at the end of which you complete and submit a detailed survey. Session 1 is SAM Operational Maturity. Session 2 is SAM Risk & Complexity Profile. Session 3 is SAM Operational Effectiveness.

While each of the exercises are designed to help you identify tactics, actions and strategies to enhance operational performance immediately, we at TVMES review your submitted exercises and apply a comprehensive approach using the 3 data points. Based on a detailed study of the details submitted, TVMES creates recommendations and top actions to take for each of the 3 individual areas (Maturity – Risk & Complexity – Effectiveness) as well as an overall, comprehensive Blueprint that isolates the Top 5 recommended actions to achieve greater capability, performance and business value.

The SAM Blueprint is a PowerPoint deliverable of 8-10 slides delivered to you sammaturity.com locker 5-7 business days after completion of the final SAM 3 Part Self-Assessment. The members of TVMES are then available for a 2 hour review session if you desire a discussion to better understand the recommendations.

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