Proc-2-Core: We’ve Seen This Before!


VMware’s recent announcement to join the ranks and revise their license metric to align with CPU core should come as no surprise to us SAM professionals. With VMware’s financial performance combined with true cloud adoption by the masses, it is easy to understand why they finally decided to make the move.

In many respects, this is a fairly straight forward proposition for SAM professionals. Utilizing our in-house discovery capability, we should be able to determine the number of CPU’s with more than 32-core and model the impact of this change. With this information, we can sit with IT and discuss approaches or alternatives and explore moves to drive efficiency based on processor utilization levels. We can also sit with IT finance to ensure they are aware and have a sense as to the potential budget impact when renewal time rolls around.

While these actions are pretty straight forward, I urge my fellow SAM professionals to alert your IT counterparts of the high probability they will be approached with offers by VMware to optimize consumption and ensure maximum efficiency. We have seen this before when other publishers made the proc to core move so be proactive! Help IT be prepared and avoid the backlash of sharing environment data that leads to an informal audit finding and a high-stress renewal.

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