Ready to build an effective SAM Organization?

Ready to build an effective SAM Organization? Let’s Get started …

May 29, 2019

We at Technology Vendor Management Educational Services (TVMES) are pleased to have launched featuring our two courses targeted to help SAM professionals achieve enhanced operational effectiveness.  As a team, the founders of TVMES have had the opportunity to support numerous Fortune 500 SAM and IT leaders develop the strategies and tactics necessary to survive in the current audit-intense environment. Based on this experience, we believe software publishers enjoy an unhealthy advantage over their customers making it a tremendous challenge to maintain compliance.

Our goal is to help even the odds by helping SAM professionals maintain audit readiness, achieve greater renewal efficiency and implement the processes to enable the software management life cycle. We will accomplish this by sharing our insights and recommendations to provide actionable guidance SAM professionals can independently implement.

Do you Know?

Based on the experience of TVMES founders, we believe the first critical step SAM leaders need to execute is the development of a clear and concise ‘SAM Mission Statement’ that speaks to the business value SAM operations will deliver to CIO’s, Infrastructure leaders and IT Finance leaders. We are continually surprised to learn from a new client they either do not have a documented Mission Statement or they have not as yet had a focused meeting with leadership to review the Mission Statement and secure true buy-in.


We recognize SAM professionals are under tremendous pressure to perform, however we urge you to take this basic step. Based on our discussions with CIO’s, we find the vast majority view their investment in SAM as simply ‘audit-insurance’. Collaborating with your CIO and their direct reports on the refinement of a targeted SAM Mission Statement establishes the necessary foundation on which to build the SAM operation.

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