Software Asset Management (SAM) 2020 Predictions

SAM 2020 Predictions
Over the course of the past year, we at sammaturity have had the opportunity to work with dozens of organizations on a number of SAM operational issues. Based on the insight gained during these engagements and working with the SAM professionals who participate in our certification programs, sammaturity offers the following predictions for the New Year.

  1. ServiceNow will continue to gain momentum as the SAM platform of choice.
  2. Due to this dynamic, SAM operations will continue to be viewed increasingly as an ITSM process being managed by individuals with ITIL certifications.
  3. Software Publishers will continue to experience increased revenue from non-compliance findings; reinvesting in this important function as organizations embrace a ‘process’ view to software asset management versus attention to use rights and license requirements leading to continued non-compliance and unbudgeted financial exposure.

If you are a SAM professional these predictions should concern you. If you are a CIO or head of IT Infrastructure, sammaturity recommends you take time to truly understand the complexity of software asset management. While there is certainly a process dimension, the manner in which software is deployed in the environment has a material impact to license consumption.

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