sammaturity CDT Opportunity

CDT Opportunity For SAM Leaders

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CDTsammaturity, creators of the SAM Leader Operational Self-Assessment & Certification & SAM Audit Readiness Training & Practitioner Certification programs are in the initial stages of development for our next group of educational services. Dedicated to helping SAM professionals and practitioners enrich their careers, sammaturity delivers methodologies built on real world operational experience. If you have an interest in the areas of Cloud Consumption Management or enhancing a framework by which SAM leaders can establish strategic value, please contact me at

sammaturity is a property of Technology Vendor Management Educational Services (TVMES). TVMES is dedicated to the development of powerful curriculums and methodologies to support career advancement in the complex areas of Technology Vendor Management, Software Asset Management, Third Party Risk Management, Cloud Governance, IoT Governance & RPA CoE.

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