SAM Operation vs. SAM Function

The founders of TVMES continue to observe a significant challenge for SAM professionals. Many times, when we are engaged to support an immediate audit need, we find there is no dedicated SAM operation. In place of where the SAM operations should be is instead a number of IT professionals who have been assigned a SAM function or two in addition to their full time role. While these individuals are technology knowledgeable and able to describe their deployment approach and environment, they are not expert in entitlement and license requirements. They simply may not have the bandwidth to handle a demanding infrastructure or application role and develop the depth of expertise necessary for effective SAM execution.

Clearly there are exceptions. Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with truly expert infrastructure and application owners who did an excellent job managing their software deployments and maintaining compliance. Our point is that as the software estate becomes larger and more diverse and software publishers change license definitions, focus of a dedicated SAM capability becomes essential.

In general, the guideline we have observed is organizations with an annual spend of $15 million or more appears to be where dedicated SAM operation delivers value through license optimization, life cycle management and establishing audit readiness.

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