sammaturity provides clients the following service to support full value from the SAM Operational Blueprint.

Upon completion of the SAM 3 Part Self-Assessment and delivery of the SAM Blueprint, students may decide if they would like the opportunity to discuss the findings and recommendation provided. To support this potential need, sammaturity provides students the option to have a SAM Blueprint Workshop.

SAM Blueprint Workshop

Upon receipt of the sammaturity’s SAM Blueprint based upon the completed 3 Part Self-Assessment, there may be questions or specific insights a client would like to discuss in order fully utilize the recommendations. sammaturity offers a ‘SAM Blueprint Workshop’ in which we facilitate a remote workshop to review and discussion each of the 3 primary Self-Assessment artifacts and the SAM Blueprint recommendations in detail.

The SAM Blueprint Workshop is a 2-hour session and only available to clients who have completed the sammaturity SAM 3 Part Self-Assessment. Once completed, sammaturity will produce a revised, updated SAM Blueprint.

SAM Platform Assessment

SAM leaders are challenged to identify and effectively deploy a SAM platform to support entitlement management and execute accurate discovery rapidly identifying compliance gaps. The team at TVMES is expert at helping SAM leaders through the complex maze of SAM tool selection. We understand the strength and weakness of tools built specifically for SAM operations and ITSM tools expanding their capabilities to cover SAM requirements. TVMES is expert in recommending the most appropriate tools for your specific organizational requirements, support the selection process and ensure implementation is successfully executed.

For SAM professionals, TVMES offers this platform and tool support in two core areas:

  1. SAM Discovery Platform
  2. Cloud Consumption Management Platform