State of SAM 2020 – Survey

As we at work with SAM professionals, we observe there is a significant gap in independent, objective guidance on how to establish best practices for SAM operations. The vast majority of research and information is centered around tool selection and technical recommendations for license management. While this is an important foundational element, there is little available for SAM professionals on current best practices concerning organization structure, operational expectations and tactics to enhance perceived value delivered by SAM operations. has developed the attached survey with the goal of bringing together the SAM community to discuss these important aspect to enabling high performing SAM operations. We will share the complete final results in a comprehensive report across multiple social media channels later this spring. This is intended to be a benefit to all in the SAM community and thank you once again for taking the time to participate.

Click on the following link or the above picture to take a brief survey on State of SAM 2020

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